Lifting operations constitute a critical aspect of nearly every offshore and subsea endeavor, encompassing tasks ranging from the hoisting of supplies and equipment to the execution of intricate and heavyweight lifts.

At AP Lifting, we specialize in providing comprehensive structural design and review services for heavy lifting operations in offshore platforms and other related structures. With a wealth of experience, we have successfully collaborated on numerous specialized and confidential offshore platform projects, each of which has made significant waves in its respective market.

Our expertise extends to offering consulting services tailored to contractors specializing in heavy rigging and iron work. Whether it’s the modification, skidding, or rolling of hefty objects, the securing of large structures for sea transportation, or the formulation of lifting and erection schemes, we stand ready to assist.

One of our key strengths lies in engineering solutions for the design of erection schemes aimed at lifting and jacking heavy structures. Our team is adept at crafting schemes that integrate a wide array of rigging tackle and equipment, including lifting brackets, slings, wire rope, strand, reeving, jacks, and more, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency throughout the lifting process.

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