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These include Shackles, Wire rope Clips, Turnbuckles, Swivels, Hooks, Pelican Slip Hook, Eye Bolts, Load Binders, and Lifting Clamps.

APL Shackles are manufactured from specially selected steels and produced under rigged quality assurance guidelines with hot dip galvanized finishing. Size, working load limit, trade mark and name are permanently shown on each shackle and come with batch code which links to test certificates, quality and traceability.
In addition to our own Shackles, we stock Shackles for all applications like Standard Shackle, Sling Shackle, Chain Shackle, Dee Shackles, Super Shackles, Alloy Shackles, Heavy duty Shackles from reputable manufacturers like Crosby, Van Beest, Gunnebo etc. We stock from 0.5 Tons-250 Tons.

Wire rope clips are used on wire rope eye loop connections or complete loops, end to end connections were socketing or splicing is not feasible or when a temporary joint is required.
APL offers high quality wire rope clips which are galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting action. All clips are individually tagged with application instructions and warning information.

Turnbuckles are used for rigging or tensioning of wires, ropes, rods etc. They are designed for straight or in-line rigging, tensioning or lashing only.
Our dependable turnbuckles are forged with greater cross sectional area that results in stronger hook with better fatigue properties. The end fittings are quenched and tempered/bodies treated by normalizing. The come in Jaw-Jaw, Eye-Eye, Hook-Hook.

Eye bolts and nuts are used for lifting machines, appliances or any other objects which cannot be lifted by hand or by fork lift truck.
We stock eye bolts that are manufactured from CIS Steel, drop forged. We have them in either metric or UMC trades from 0.5 – 40 Tons.

Load binders are used for easy and efficient tighten of chain used for lashing purposes. They are designed in such a way that they can be operated with using one’s hand.
APL offers load binders that meet the requirements of EN 12195-3 Standards. They can be supplied with hooks and without hooks.